Modern Style Nautical Home Decoration Glass Vase

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Modern Style Nautical Home Decoration Glass Vase

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Modern Style Nautical Home Decoration Glass Vase

Color glass vase,Colored glaze


Hand blown 
Each is different with nature texture and color 
Unique, Un-copyable

Vase, a utensil made of glass or colored lazurite  or other expensive materials like crystal, looks beautiful and smooth. The shapes of vases vary. Most of vases, whether they are made of colored lazurite or glass, are functioning as decorative display products nowadays. Therefore, they enjoy high collection and appreciation value. According to Chinese Fengshui( geomantic omen), vases imply peace and prosperity. If we place a vase on the tea table in our house, it will bring peace and prosperity to the whole family. Baolai vase( Baolin means treasure comes) means wealth will flock into here from all corners of the world while a calabash vase is said to be able to dispel evil spirits. 

Blue lazurite vase can accumulate fortune, bring good luck, and therefore it is a synonym for peace and comfort. It can release pressure, stabilize emotion, and help us to make more friends. It can effectively reduce our pain on muscles and bones, kidney and head. It is the best gift for people who call for good luck. 


Lazurite, placed on the top of the list of the seven treasures according to Buddhism, has long been believed to bring in wealth and dispel evil. According to a legend, in 493 BC Fan Li, senior officer ofYueStateinChinacame across lazurite while he was supervising his soldiers forging an imperial sword. Then, having visited numerous craftsmen, he finally found one artisan who could carve a gorgeous jewelry out of the lazurite. He sent it to Xishi, the unprecedented beauty at that time, as a token of love. It is said to be the earliest lazurite-made ornament in history. Lazurite grinding and polishing differs from that of crystal in the western world. In the ancient times, to produce a lazurite, craftsmen first used crystal glass as the raw material and then baked, and died them piece by piece until they could be made into artworks. The unique mineral elements and baking process could lead to quite different finished lazurite products, which could render wearers distinct disposition. The colored lazurite combines dignity and gentleness, and weave gentleness with flexibility. Maybe that is the best witness of the love between the senior officer in feudal state of Yue and Xishi. Tangong Workshop exercises extreme requirement on workmanship. The die process at the initial stage was rather complex. Strict requirement for molding was applied too. Expensive colored crystal was baked in a die until it formed a shape, then the temperature dropped gradually. The crystal must stay in the furnace for at least nine days. It was very difficult to control the liquid state of colored crystal flow. However, that is why we could come up with lazurite products with unique color but united style. 






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  • Height 51cm
  • Width 17cm
  • Weight 2.7kg
  • Diameter 17cm

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Modern Style Nautical Home Decoration Glass Vase

Modern Style Nautical Home Decoration Glass Vase

Modern Style Nautical Home Decoration Glass Vase

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