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  We are a globally leading online fashion home decoration company. We deal in unique and top quality Chinese artworks including fashion furniture, vases, oil paintings and traditional Chinese painting, as well as puppets, and exquisite traditional Chinese craftwork. Unlike some obscure companies in China, we only serve you with well-wrought products. Meanwhile, we have signed contracts with more than 30 famous Chinese painters, promoting traditional Chinese paintings. On our website, you can also view some Chinese antiques which come from Sunrise-Art.com. Although most of the antiques are available for display not for sale, some of them are on offer during some special occasions. 

  All of our products are of Chinese origin. All our house design works were created independently by ourselves. All the pictures of products were shot on the spot of the premises to guarantee that what you buy here is the same as what you see here. It is our mission and commitment to serve our customers heart and soul.

  A warranty policy of guaranteed return, exchange, and refund of policy is implemented. Our working hours are running seven days a week, all the year round, offering you satisfactory after-sales service. In case you come up with any problem, enquiry, or suggestion, please don’t hesitate to email or call us. We are at your service anytime.

  You will find China-gallery.com  to be a shopping paradise for artworks. We always keep you on our mind and supply you with products at the most favorable price. 

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Monday-Friday 9:30 AM to 430 PM Eastern Time



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