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Our 7 Day Money-Back Guarantee
We provide a 7 day money-back guarantee for your home decor purchase. There is no risk or concern when shopping for home decor  from us. In the event you are not truly satisfied, you may return your any products.

Top Quality Hand-Painted Works of Art Created by Professional Artists
Each and every oil painting provided by China-gallery is 100% hand-painted by talented, seasoned, professional artists. All of our artists start out with an empty canvas and generate a beautiful work of art which you can enjoy for a lifetime. China-gallery hand-painted oil paintings are not computer generated images or giclees. Every last brushstroke is without a doubt hand-painted having significant awareness to detail, only using high quality oil paints and canvas. Every single oil painting is carefully examined during the entire painting process and additionally our quality control staff looks at each individual work of art prior to it being shipped.

Affordable, Low Wholesale Prices
At China-gallery you can purchase direct with wholesale prices and without a middleman. You will discover that our prices are significantly lower than art gallery prices, not to mention retail prices for equally matched works of art. China-gallery is the supplier for art gallery owners, local framing shops, residential and commercial interior designers as well as decorators, retail shop owners, contractors, builders, office building managers, home staging companies and even real estate pros. Combined with our volume buying power, low overhead, non-brick and mortar approach, it is possible to pass on the financial savings to you. Our objective has always been to provide great works of art that are affordable to all.

China-gallery has one of the most well-known and largest selections of oil paintings available. Our collections range from the long-standing leading impressionist paintings to contemporary abstract paintings... you will find works of art to fit everyone's palate. If we have a painting on our website, but you wish to have it painted or printed either in a custom size or perhaps even having a custom modification, you have found the right place. Tell us exactly what you are looking for and our helpful and courteous team will certainly be prepared to work with you.

Our Customer Service Team
China-gallery strives to make customer support the number one priority. All of us take great pride in helping to make your art acquisition experience pleasant and stress-free. Additionally, we make sure our website is as user-friendly as possible and straightforward to browse through. Sometimes the Internet is hard to navigate, and if you have any inquiries along the way, please do not hesitate to pick up the telephone and give us a call. We are available to assist. You can contact us via phone or email whenever you wish during the entire process; for assistance with finding paintings or determining the status of your purchase. We especially would love to hear from you down the road to let us know how your newly purchased artwork looks in your home or office. We look forward to hearing with you!

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Monday-Friday 9:30 AM to 430 PM Eastern Time

1-888-868-1917 (US Free)


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